Yasu: Simple and Fresh

If you love sushi, this is a must try! The restaurant is limited in seating, with about 20 seats, similar to the sushi places you will find in Japan with minimalist design.

The menu offers only one omakase, the chef’s choice of 18 pieces of sushi, plus dessert, for $80 per person. The staff does a good job of explaining each type of sushi as it is brought out, sharing things like name and the place the fish is from. The fish tasted fresh and each piece fit into my mouth nicely. They also have a decent selection of sake and wines. I tried a glass of sparkling sake with jelly, which was sweet but not overly so.

Each piece of sushi is picture worthy and should be savoured! For my appetite, 18 pieces of sushi left me feeling satisfied but not full. My dinner companion, who has a big appetite, didn’t feel full but was not hungry by the end of the meal.

Must eat: Sushi, duh!

What to avoid: Since there is only 1 menu item…

Best for: A date or with a friend. Don’t be one of those people that brings their kids to this tight intimate space. It’s barely a 20 seater place! Also, you will need to book at least 2-3 weeks in advance for the popular times like Friday or Saturday. Your credit card information is also needed to hold your reservation.

Cost for 2 people: ~$200, including 2 drinks, before tip.

Bellyminded final thoughts: We left satisfied but not stuffed.