Quick Bites: Tacos Tin Tan

Looking for lunch along St. Denis and saw this place. At 2 pm on a Tuesday, it was empty although they had a few takeout orders. I ordered the Al pastor and the fish tacos, the latter coming with two pieces. The Al Pastor was one big taco but the portion was easily that of 2 tacos. The pork is nicely flavoured and the pineapple pieces are sweet. They have three sauces from mild (green), medium spicy to hot, made with habanero peppers that is really spicy! Loved how fresh the sauces were and how creamy the mild one is. 

I tried the fish too, which came with two tacos, topped with lots of shredded lettuce and two sauces. The fish had a slightly heavier batter that was dark so maybe it was a beer batter. I could definitely taste the spice in the batter and on the fish. The seasoning and saltiness made everything nice and flavourful. I did detect a little bit of fishiness from the fish though. 

Overall, my order of three tacos was pretty filling. Having enjoyed the Al Pastor taco so much, I ended up ordering one to take home for my partner to try. The menu also includes the usual appetizers, like guacamole, and a small beer selection but I did not partake. The service was attentive and the decor is funky with tall stools and Mexican wrestler memorabilia. It’s definitely a place I’ll be going back to when I want tacos and I’ll be finding out if they have Mexican coke, the drink, that is.

Try the Al Pastor if you’re a fan of pork and sweetness in a taco. I’m usually a Baja taco girl but this time the Al Pastor impressed my taste buds much more. 

There’s nothing I would recommend avoiding, maybe not right during dinner hours when it’s busy. It’s only been opens since November 2016 so I’m not sure it’s been discovered as a taco destination yet! 

It’s not huge but I think coming here for a quick bite with a group of friends, on a date or solo would be just fine. 

~$20 for 2 orders of the Al pastor and 1 order of fish tacos. 

Final: This joint serves made to order flavourful tacos with fresh sauces. A spot worth heading to on St. Denis when you are in the mood for tacos! 


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