George: A Proper Fine Dining Experience Using Fresh Ingredients


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George Restaurant has been around for a long time, at least a decade, according to my googling. It is often mentioned on fine dining lists and it’s easy to see why. George offers a traditional dining experience in that the ambience is achieved with proper place settings, white linens table clothes and professional waiters, rather than ultra modern and lux decor.

My partner and I went a little crazy and opted for the 10 course tasting menu so I won’t go into very much detail about each dish. I will say that the food is inventive, fresh and beautifully plated using local ingredients. You can choose to order individual dishes off the menu but I would recommend going with one of their tasting menus to experience this restaurant fully. I was definitely more than full when the parade of dishes came to an end. Also, I noticed that both my partner and I got different dishes during our tasting menu. We were truly amazed at the variety of dishes between the two of us. I recommend going when the weather is warm so that you can request a table on the patio.

We dined here during the summer time. The atmosphere in the evening on the patio is particularly romantic and really sets the mood for whatever occasion you are celebrating. When dining here, I couldn’t help but feel like it was a once in a lifetime experience so definitely save this place for a very special occasion.

Must eat: I would definitely recommend a tasting menu. They offer 5-10 course tasting menus and have an a la carte menu where you can order individual dishes.

What to avoid: There is nothing in particular so I will offer this tip when eating out. Order something that sounds good to your belly and is not something you would try making yourself.

Best for: With a very special person for a celebratory occasion or someone who really, really loves eating. So, you could always bring me!

For 2 people: ~$350, with a 10 course tasting menu, and 2 glasses of wine and before tip. You could definitely spend less with going a la carte or trying out a smaller tasting menu.

Bellyminded final thoughts: George is a classic fine dining restaurant that keeps things fresh with local ingredients and interesting dishes. Eating here is a memorable experience and a lesson in how to do fine dining.


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